Terms and Conditions

Clangd remote index service is run on a best-effort basis by Clangd developers. Google donates VM instances in GCP to the Chromium Project for hosting this service, and is not tied to it in any other way. We also monitor the service on a best-effort basis and will do our best to deal with arising problems (such as server not being responsive) within several working days.

The service is aimed to improve the workflow of Chromium developers and relieve the burden of having to use a very powerful machine for editing code by off-loading one of the most expensive operations -- codebase indexing. Remote index service offers a way to maintain a connection with the infrastructure that keeps relatively fresh Chromium index (rebuilt and updated daily) and use it in combination with Clangd, so that users can take advantage of its features such as code completion, code navigation (go-to-definition, find references) and so on.

For more information about remote index feature and its design, please see documentation.

Both the service and the code it runs are available publicly for all interested parties. Please check the privacy document to learn more about how we keep your data secure and where you can inspect the code.

To get in touch with the developers, report bugs and ask questions, please open GitHub Issue: clangd/chrome-remote-index.

You can raise any issues about this service in clangd/chrome-remote-index.

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